How do you make your arm float? – Coin Magic Tricks Revealed For Beginners

If you would like to make your arm float like a boat on a river, you must first make sure that the river bank is smooth and level. This is done by placing two stone planks on top of the river bank or building a raft.

Step Three
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Place a rock in one of the holes and dig a trench about 4 inches wide to allow the water to drain. The water will stay in the trench in the bottom of the hole until the rock is dug out.

Step Four

Pour sand in the hole using a large bucket.

Step Five

Build a raft of rocks around the top of the stone and cover the stone with the sand.

Step Six

Add a long stake to the back of the raft to create a safety pin.

Step Seven

Attach the long stake to a post on the top side of the raft, and secure it with the iron nails.

Step Eight

Now you just can have yourself a swim in the river. However, if your raft doesn’t float, the water level should be raised by 1/2 of an inch to allow it to float.

If you need any help, let your friend know. Your friend can always tell you how it is done so they don’t have to repeat the steps for you. And he can always make the necessary modifications and refinements when you are done for the day.


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