How do you do the quarter trick? – Youtube Magic Tricks Explained Sawing

How do you do the quarter trick? – Youtube Magic Tricks Explained Sawing

Step 1:

Start by grabbing a piece of string and tying a knot in it.

Step 2:

Make a knot that is about 4 inches in diameter and about 4 inches long.

Step 3:

Pinch the ends, so that the knot doesn’t unravel!

Step 4:

Then, wrap around your hand (like you did during the quarter trick).

Step 5:

And you’re done!

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A decade of failed negotiations between the Los Angeles Lakers and Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce has not put an end to their feud, as this week a New York Post report says the team is planning to pursue a trade with Golden State that would send both Garnett and Pierce to the other side of the Bay Area.

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The report comes on the eve of Garnett’s 40th birthday and also comes on the heels of a public feud with Pierce that apparently began on social media following a February 1 game in Dallas between Garnett and the Mavericks.

The report also suggests the relationship between Garnett and Pierce is “riddled with issues” that could make it even harder for Garnett to re-sign with the Lakers after a 15-season run with the club.

Both players have been vocal in refusing to sit and wait for their respective deals to be officially presented. Both players are under contract for one more season, each for six years, at prices ranging from $64 million to $76 million per year.

“I love this guys,” Pierce lamented after a February 1 game versus the Mavericks. “The deal was not done. I said that the day before I signed it, which was two days ago.”

Despite the fact Garnett and Pierce are not currently scheduled to work out during preseason in Florida, sources told Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical that Garnett might consider signing a new deal before then.

The possibility of a Garnett extension and a Pierce extension would mean the Lakers’ relationship with both stars will be far less difficult to repair than with previous Lakers. The Lakers, then the Celtics, never actually had a relationship with one of those stars in their respective careers.

Sources have said the Lakers were “shooting blind” when it came to deciding which player to offer to Garnett and Pierce in the offseason, and that the two sides couldn’t even agree on the numbers, meaning that no deal was struck.


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