How are illusions done? – Magic Tricks For Kids To Learn

How are illusions done? – Magic Tricks For Kids To Learn

To show that some people are more attractive than others and that this is not the case in reality, I would like to use a new technique. I am going to draw a graph from the data collected so far. In order to achieve the effect I need to make some assumptions.

First of all: it is a very small graph. But it shows a graph. I should draw the graph as a rectangle and then scale it to the whole country or the whole world. But how? Well, not all of the data is available for public access so I am going to keep it as such.

There are five points on the chart.

First of all, the line is a good approximation. I did not expect that to be the case, so I did a little bit of searching using Google. Google actually helped me a lot.

But for the actual data collection I am going to start with that particular graph. On the map you can see a small green dot right beside the line. The reason for that green dot is that I am going to use this line as an axis for the Illusion of Beauty. This is the illusion that more attractive people are more likeable. We can take this from another angle. If I did this on the scale, we would end up with the same thing, but in the opposite perspective.

There is a second line, that is an ellipse and it is just another line with a slope. It is not that accurate but it illustrates that it is an approximation and we can use it.

The third line is an arc which, just because it is drawn straight makes it less interesting. But it shows you the same thing using an ellipse so it gives more information. As a final line I am going to draw another line. This point is really not that important. It is just the length of the line of reference.

Then I am going to move the data around. We are going to start with the United States.

Okay, first thing to notice is that the second line is not as nice as the first one. Let me see if I can find something we can draw. There is a green dot that is a little further to the right than the first. This is because we have taken the first line as the axis of the Illusion of Beauty and I have just moved it up a little bit.

The next line shows a line. We can do this on both the left and right. So, I did not

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