Can phones read minds? – 11 Magic Tricks Revealed

Can phones read minds? – 11 Magic Tricks Revealed

Yes, in the way phones can’t yet read minds, it’s still just as likely that some computer can. But, while the technology is still years or even decades away, one company is already thinking about the idea.

LuckyBot has made software called MindMeister that is thought to be the first fully autonomous device to think for itself.

The software uses a technology called a deep learning neural network, which has been developed by Stanford University.


The neural network is made up of different mathematical operations that create new mathematical functions that can be used to solve problems.

LuckyBot CEO Ryan Naughton said:

Our technology combines these algorithms with the brain’s own learning mechanisms of memory and perception that give the computer the capacity and expertise to solve difficult AI and speech recognition tasks.

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MindMeister can process two million words an hour and are said to be able to process spoken and visual stimuli in its natural language.

It’s not too different from using a speech recognition algorithm to read someone else’s mind, which is where the idea of reading the mind comes in.
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There has been little research done on how well the technology would work in everyday conversation, but we know it’s possible, and we need to know if it works when you are talking to someone about something you’d rather focus on than worrying about.


This is the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence, where we can understand language through the medium of the brain and then translate that understanding into other languages.

This is the true potential of machine translation. But, is it possible for a robot to be able to understand your mind when you want it to, especially if you want to explain why you are so interested in them?

We’ll soon find out.

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