Are Illusions Magic? – Magic Tricks Tutorial Coin Card

Are Illusions Magic? – Magic Tricks Tutorial Coin Card

While there’s certainly room for magical girls like Sakura and Sakura-chan to succeed, the majority of the magical girls being introduced on the anime are more like the other magical girls that have already been shown. Even if not their original characters, they’ll be similar to others in the Magical Girls franchise because of certain similarities.

This includes some characters that don’t fit in to the original series, but have already met the same fate, like Sakura-chan’s love interest in the original series, Nadeko, and the original version’s first ever villain, Hachiman Hikigaya. Most of these characters come into being after Hachiman has been accepted at school, and are considered to be “real” magic girls with no connection to the main cast.

So when this show begins, Hachiman’s classmates think he’s just a “magic girl” that has a special power, but in actuality have completely different powers. As a result, Hachiman will become friends with everyone and be accepted just like Sakura. While the main cast might go through hard times, Hachiman will experience them equally, just as Sakura will get to experience her hardships to help the main cast as well.

While this story is set several years down the road away from the original series, and does not follow the same cast from the Original series, I believe that it’s still an excellent and enjoyable watch when you don’t know what happened to Sakura or Nadeko. While the show uses some interesting concepts and takes some interesting places, I think its best to just enjoy the magic girls as they’re introduced.

A New World… In Another Dimension?

While this show takes place in the same universe as the Original series, there is also one big difference. Instead of the magic girls from the Original series, we have our own magical girls that aren’t supposed to have existed at all. There has been a new world added to the show, but is currently unknown to the main cast and doesn’t have its own story.

I want to say that it’s not actually a new magical world. But when talking about worlds, I’ve tried to stick with the ones that fit the original show. There have been so many different worlds added to the anime already, we just can’t fit all of them in. There is currently one called “The Other Dimension” that was introduced in volume 4 of the original novel. It has a different set of characters, and some of them are even introduced

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