Are Illusions Magic? – Magic Tricks Troom Troom Select

Are Illusions Magic? – Magic Tricks Troom Troom Select

The Devil (The Red Knight) has a very important card in your deck. Its power is to give you the advantage in the game. In order to get the maximum out this card you have to be prepared to use it aggressively and you can’t be too slow with this one because as soon as you do, it’ll be gone.

You’ll also need to pay close attention to the opponent’s hand. If it’s good, chances are that there is nothing that you haven’t already done and if they have a strong hand, there is no reason not to use them.

In my opinion there is no better card for this purpose than Seducer’s Tools. The ability to use this card is extremely important and its drawback is much lesser than the other cards mentioned, so it is quite the gamble.

A lot of the cards that are printed in Magic:

Black Lotus – A spell that lets you draw lots of cards on turn 2, and let’s face it, that’s pretty good. This spell is also a lot of fun.

The Necropede – This card has quite some cool effects and is extremely powerful when used correctly. This card is also worth mentioning because it is a card that is really difficult to get rid of as soon as possible due to it’s power and it also helps to stabilize the game.

Striking Wind – This is one of the best cards in this deck. Since your hands are almost always full, you’ll be able to do something with this card even if you don’t have a lot of cards.

Ace of Fates – This card is an extremely tough one to use for me, as it’s very difficult to use with so many cards in your hand. However, if you can draw it on your turn, it becomes even more powerful.

Sculpting Steel – An incredibly versatile card. The more you play with it the more you see the potential of using it to be an important effect in your deck.

Soul Burn – I’ve heard that the Soul Burn is one of the most powerful cards in this deck and that it can win games. It can also deal huge amounts of damage. This card allows to control the pace of the game which is always very important in deck.

Lingering Souls – Lingering Souls is an absolutely useful card in my opinion, not to mention, its ability allows you to create a good control game with one of your cards on board.


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