Why is life coaching so expensive? – How To Become A Coaching Psychologist

Why is life coaching so expensive? – How To Become A Coaching Psychologist

The answer can be found across all kinds of industries, from technology to health care to advertising.

But you can do it for less.

The price tag for a life coach varies greatly. Many companies offer their services as free programs. And there’s a big difference between a free program and a free trainer.

As a life coach, I make no guarantees. I can’t help you determine what kind of lifestyle will get you there, and I can’t offer advice about what to eat, or what type of exercise to do. I just know a little bit about what’s been successful for me and what hasn’t. And I have developed a series of coaching techniques that seem to work for me and others (in the past) who’ve come to see me as a life coach, and that seem to work fairly well with different people, for different kinds of problems.

But let me tell you about one example of how it works for me. The first thing I did when I had my first baby was coach her about sleep and nutrition. She took a nap the night before, and at 4 a.m. I called and met up in the clinic’s kitchen. A nurse handed me a packet of baby books, along with a glass of milk for us in the kitchen. Then she told me to sit down and listen while she cooked a pot of fresh porridge.
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After that I started asking her if I could bring her baby back to work that day. She smiled, then said, “Okay, but you need to get out of here before noon.”

She knew where I was going, because she has had more than 200 clients in her 25-year career. I’ve seen lots of them — I had five children — many of them come to us for various reasons for sleep or stress-management or pain. But I have never had a client come to me for a specific reason — except in my case, when I came to the clinic with a pregnant patient who had developed a blister, a rash and a fever. We had to figure out which one was to be the primary baby for the night — for the best health for the baby — but we could tell in a second whether the baby would be better off with the mother or father.

In my case, I knew if I could get the person into bed by then with the temperature still normal, that would be probably the smartest decision. I gave her the recipe for a healthy baby for her next morning’s breakfast. I

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