Why do you want to become a life coach? – Life Coach Business Names

Why do you want to become a life coach? – Life Coach Business Names

After I came out, I was able to help my mother, my family, my closest friends, and even my friends in my neighborhood. Not so much the same friends as I had as a child. I can connect with them through my life coach. I have also connected with a few of my parents who are therapists. In fact one of my dad’s therapist friends is now one of my life coaches.

And now you’ve become a life coach?

I became a life coach to help me get my life. A lot of people I talk to don’t really think about what they want or what they need, but I have an idea. The things you do for yourself affect whether you make it to the top.

How do you see other people doing life coaches? Does anyone take you seriously?

There are a lot of people, and it seems like people don’t really understand [it’s] going to be a lifelong commitment.

How many clients have you had?

Between 60 and 80.

You’ve written a pretty big piece on why we need to change the paradigm. Why?

Why do you think people can’t reach the top anymore? If you don’t take responsibility for your actions, for what you eat, and for what you do around the house, then you have no reason to climb the ladder to that same goal. You need to take full responsibility for your life.

Why should you give up your job to become a life coach?

I don’t think it’s the best fit, but if it is, then it’s time to consider life. I’m not even in my 20s, but I understand and I understand the system. I have a plan for life coaching, and I believe it will do wonders to my life and my future. I’m not sure anyone has a chance of becoming a life coach as long as they ignore their own health and take responsibility for it, so I’m looking for the next generation to get out and be proactive or to give up or to join some lifestyle brand like a Fitbit.

Is that something you plan on pursuing as a career?

I love it.

You seem like an amazing motivational speaker. What were some of your early motivational speaking lessons you learned?

My first time I heard my motivational speaking was from John Lennon. He said: ‘If you’re not living, why do you think your name is John? It’s all nonsense.’ I

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