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Is it me? Or is it your family? How do you know? Because we all feel it. My dad, my uncle, my grandma: they love me.”

The question of why he does have a family is a tricky one, an emotional and intellectual one because he cannot help but wonder about the role his father, grandfather and the man he adopted from Mexico City played in shaping his life.

He is sure, though, that when he reaches his late sixties, when his body and his brain have developed to the point that he is no longer going to be able to see, hear, smell or taste anyone, he will be able to do something.

“I don’t know what. Maybe I will never make it. I hope I can at least leave this world a better version of the one I left.”

The final chapter of his autobiography, ‘Born In Africa: An American in Uganda’ is to go on sale on Thursday. The story of his extraordinary and life-changing experiences is to be narrated by the actor, activist and actor James Franco.
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This week’s “Ask a Nurse” on AskWomen.com asked, “What are some of the best and worst ways to talk to someone about your medical condition?” Well, I’d say what everyone wants to know is whether or not a nurse’s advice, compassion, or support to her patient can make a difference in her emotional state. My answer to that question is—yeah!

For me, the best and worst ways to talk to a family patient have to do with her emotional state.

Nurses have an enormous responsibility as caregivers to their patients. When they are going out of their way to make sure a baby is sleeping, when they are comforting a terminally ill mother, or when they are working to get a patient healthy while taking care of her, those activities help reduce some of the emotional turmoil that happens with dying patients. It’s also helpful for everyone involved. For the patients, it can feel good to see their caregivers. For the nurses, it can feel good to be getting the support that will make them a better, more caring, and more efficient nurse.

The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong way to help your patient if it will help you get through that difficult part of her life. Some of these actions are so helpful, in fact, that the nurses themselves are usually unaware of it.

I’ll be talking about five more actions that nurses

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