Who is Oprah’s life coach? – Life Coaching Business Plan Template Free

Who is Oprah’s life coach? – Life Coaching Business Plan Template Free

How has she changed her life?

In this hour-long show, Ellen and Oprah answer reader questions!

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The federal election is about to get real. That’s if the polls are to be believed, and that’s if voters aren’t too afraid to ask questions. “Do you trust Justin Trudeau?” has become the central question of the campaign. For some, it’s a question that’s been hanging around the edges of politics since Confederation, for those who have lost a neighbour in the family. For most, it’s a question that is being asked, albeit not as often, because it is becoming harder for the government and its supporters to remain true to the principles of the federalist ideal.

The election promises of Justin Trudeau do not include a single line or word in the speech that sets out a vision for change in a future Canada and does not say anything about how this vision fits in with the interests and values of Canadians. A Liberal majority is unlikely to come at the expense of our fundamental values of democracy, social equity, the environment and labour participation. But the party has lost its credibility in this campaign as it has failed to bring the promised change to life. We are at a defining juncture where the Liberal Party faces the difficult challenge of rebuilding its coalition and building a base of new, more progressive Liberal voters.

If the election were conducted today, which scenario do you think would be more likely to happen? — Jonathan, Ottawa N.S.

The Harper Conservatives have shown themselves to be a party that plays very defensively at election time. That hasn’t stopped them from playing defensive in the lead-up to the last election. But the real question is whether the voters can still trust their party to deliver on its core promises given that the party has changed its leadership, its message, its direction, its policies, its leader

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