Who is Oprah’s life coach? – How To Market My Life Coaching Business

Who is Oprah’s life coach? – How To Market My Life Coaching Business

Oprah Winfrey’s life coach is none other than Tony Mottola, “The Man Who Taught The World How to Love.” Mottola has lived with Oprah for over four decades, and with the help of his amazing life coaching, Tony made it very easy for Oprah to meet her goals—both of her business and her personal life. Tony’s knowledge, patience and confidence allow Oprah the freedom to pursue whatever she wants. As the founder of Tony Mottola’s Personal Training Institute, Tony’s life coaching makes it easy for women to break their habits, get back to their true personalities, build new habits, and achieve their long-desired goals.

What is your favorite Oprah story?

I am a fan of many of the stories Tony has told throughout his life. There is the story of how he started an underground dance troupe with only twelve members and turned those dancers into one of America’s most popular dance groups. The story of how he went to his local mall and taught the children how to dance and win over the women. There is the story of how he started a small business that he turned into a success and has since gone on to inspire countless thousands of families.

What advice would you give Oprah?

Don’t wait so long to do something. In just about any job, any endeavor, the best way to succeed is to simply go for it and do it! That’s it! Your goal should never be to have a job you hate or a goal you can never do, it should be to just do the thing that’s best for you at the time, with the best tools, and with the most passion. It’s that simple.

What other advice do you have for Oprah as she approaches her 80th birthday next month?

One of my best tips for your birthday is to say thank you to Oprah for making this possibility a reality. We will celebrate our 80th tomorrow with no wedding and no parties, which isn’t as bad as you think! And, yes, we will celebrate this as many times as it takes!

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