Who are the best life coaches? – Life Coach Business Plans

Who are the best life coaches? – Life Coach Business Plans

We asked over 10 life coaches and asked them all the same questions, how are they different, and how do they compare to other sports coaches? Here’s what they said.

“It’s really about you,” says Mark Purdy, a life coach who has been in coaching in the sport and the business for over 20 years. “You have to be very comfortable with doing what you are doing and being responsible enough to handle the demands of what your clients are asking of you.”

“I’m an athlete. I don’t think I am one. I’m more a coach that looks at the sport I love from a point of perspective of what helps athletes, and then they make their request. You’re talking to a coach that deals with athletes. These guys have no idea what they are talking about. They aren’t going to ask you to do a lap of my golf course, but in my professional life I’ve managed to get my client list down to over 200. I don’t work for one guy or one client. I’m more of a facilitator or facilitator of that group of people.” – Mark Purdy, life coach

“The best life coach for me is someone I know who knows his stuff. I think that’s where you get the most value,” says Matt Walsh, a life coach and coach who has worked as a life coach, coach and player. “When you go to a coach who hasn’t coached you, you’ll still get what I’m offering here. Those kinds of people who have been there and done that are the ones that you want around.”

“The difference is they are doing not only the best for you as a coach but also as an individual, even though they may say and act as a coach and coach to others, they really don’t know me but have the ability within their own personality to give advice or insight that makes you understand what you need to do. When I coach athletes, I tell them to use their heads. I can’t say ‘you should just make up your own strategy.’ ”

“To have somebody who can actually relate to their clients and can actually speak the language with them and understand them then it is a big deal when you have the individual. People can relate to one another.” – Matt Walsh

“For me, life coaching is a full time job. I don’t have time to work with athletes, or coaches, or anyone else. It’s a full-time job.” – Matt Walsh

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