Who are the best life coaches? – Free Life Coach Business Plan

Who are the best life coaches? – Free Life Coach Business Plan

When you choose a life coach, you’re probably not looking to get advice from them. Some have a certain authority around them, where others might not have that much authority. That’s ok though as it’s part of the job, rather than something that you wish you had. You have to pay attention to what they do and the services they provide.

What’s the best thing you can say to someone when they talk to you for the first time?

You could start with saying “Good morning” and give a brief explanation of why you decided to do everything you are doing, and why things have been good for you in the past and so forth. That could go for a long time as they might not feel comfortable with you right away or with how you have been speaking.

How does my relationship with my husband compare to his?

Many people have no relationship to their partners, so they can be surprised to find out that their husbands are better people than they are. You can be as well, but by going in to each other’s shoes, you can come to know your partners better, just with each other’s perspective which will give you a unique perspective on your own relationship.

What did my past best friend do wrong?

If you have a good friend that you love dearly, chances are a lot more will do wrong. It’s good to know why they have done so, and how they can fix those mistakes, as this is very important to the overall relationship and it can cause a lot of issues.

What have I done that I’ve regret?

Not too much that I’d regret, but a lot have. Not only are you likely to talk about things that you should, but it helps you to know exactly what went wrong. Also, I would say that you may want to ask them about it on occasion as it helps you deal with it when it happens. This might help in some situations though, which I’ll come to a bit later.

What can I do to make my life easier?

It’s all about helping yourself. It isn’t about you doing it for him or her, it’s about what would make sense for you.

Do you have anything else in life you would like to share?

Leave a comment and tell us a story about yourself, or share something about your life with us.

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Originally published April 2017.

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