What should I charge for coaching? – Women’s Life Coach Business Cards

The best way to charge is through a coach that you know and trust. You are charged for your time and attention not the hours you teach.

Why can’t I simply charge a percentage of the money received for coaching?

It would be impossible to charge a percentage of the fee you receive for a specific session unless you are in a position where you are not earning enough to pay you that sum. A coach whose fee is a fixed amount will find it hard to charge a percentage of the fee. A coach who is working in an area where they don’t earn enough to be paid the fixed amount will feel very guilty if they are not receiving a percentage of his fee.

Why can’t I charge more than 25% or more than 25% of the full fee received?

This is because the coach has to consider the full price of the seminar he is offering to the client to be a fee of 10 or more, which means that the fee is likely going to be a fixed amount. In addition, unless you are a world-renowned coach who provides a 10-session seminar costing $30 to $50, you will not be being treated well. You will be being treated better if you charge 25% or more to your students.

How can I find a good coach who does “big business” coaching?
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If you have the reputation of having a very profitable business, you will likely find that most coaches will be reluctant to offer you coaching and will ask you to pay them $50 or more to coach them. In addition, because if you have a successful business, they will not want to lose a client from a business you are using as an agent, they will not want to be seen as trying to rip the client off – as would most coaches who sell seminars for $100 or more a session.

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