What should I charge for coaching? – Free Life Coaching Business Plan Template

What should I charge for coaching? – Free Life Coaching Business Plan Template

The basic fee for coaching is $50 USD.

Can I get a discount?

If you’re on the staff for under a month, we will only ask for you to pay us the base fee for coaching. Otherwise, the amount charged is a flat rate.

Is there any difference in how I book my coaching with the above sites?

We only do coaching on the platform from which we are looking.

What time zones is the app in?

I guess if you’re located outside of the United States, it may not work for you!

What are the features of the platform?

This is our first ever app, and it shows a lot of new stuff that we haven’t seen before—features I hope to continue to add!

Can I access the coaching while on the road?
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You can! Just head to the website, sign up and you’ll see all of your coaching profiles listed.

Can I get paid directly for my coaching?

It would be nice to, but that would be cheating and is against all of the terms of service. You must work for FreeCoachingCoaches.com only, and only use these sites/services for coaching.

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