What should I ask a life coach? – Coaching Business Plan

What should I ask a life coach? – Coaching Business Plan

I usually tell this question to a life coach or guidance counselor. It’s my preferred way of getting started. The answer may shock you.

You want to listen to a life coach in person. That’s easier than you might believe.

I recently went to a meeting of the Life Coach & Counselor Forum. This is an organization that was originally founded in the 1820s. The group’s mission is to provide a support system for life coaches who are interested in pursuing leadership roles within the larger community.

To meet this goal, they conduct meetings with individuals who have worked with life coaches and other professionals. You must be someone who is willing to participate in these meetings. I chose the Life Coach Forum because I wanted to learn about life coaching from someone who actually cares about this profession. A life coach should want to change the lives of others. And not just a single person. There’s more to life coaching than just one person.

In addition to this meeting, a few weeks later I attended a one-hour group seminar with a life coach and a counselor I’d met at the forum. That session gave me some much-needed insight of what life coaches do. It also gave me a chance to talk to a counselor who I’d never met (not exactly the best way to get feedback from someone new) and to see if she had any advice about changing my life’s trajectory.

Here are some questions that I would like to ask a life coach or counselor. I’m not suggesting that you answer all of them, but my goal is to get enough of them answered to have some insight. I’ll write more about this after I get back from my next life coach/counselor group session.

1. How long have you had a career that included a career coaching background?

If this is the first time you’ve had a career that includes a career coaching background, please provide a brief summation of why this is true. Please also mention any career paths that you’ve been involved in over the years, and talk about how you saw the opportunities and challenges with those career paths.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember. Keep your answer short and concise. This helps me gauge a lot about the life coach/counselor’s approach.

2. What led you to your current career in life coaching/career development? Did you begin working in this field because you wanted to make money or as a way to learn about life

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