What major do you need to be a life coach? – How To Start A Life Coaching Business From Scratch

What major do you need to be a life coach? – How To Start A Life Coaching Business From Scratch

I mean, most big names do, you know? Like the likes of Coach Hurd and the others. Do you need to be a coach, or just a life coach?

I just do them both.

We had a few guys that ended up being really amazing and they started making their own money, their own dreams. I think that’s the best thing about coaching. You just really make your own dreams come true. You don’t have to wait for some other people.

I think if you’re one of those big name coaches out there, you’ve got to do your own thing. You’ve got to be your own voice and your own style, I like to think. When you have a certain personality or you want to be a certain way, make your own voice. Be your own boss and you can be your own person.

As the first week of December comes toward a close, the internet has gone insane—with one of the largest fake Christmas trees of all time being spotted in Brooklyn.

The enormous trees were hanging for two months in a public park near Williamsburg. They’re so big that they have no idea how to get back down—as we reported, they are made to climb a steep hill to reach their perch.

The tree appeared in a tree-lined park with dozens of people in mid-December, although it’s not entirely clear who created the fake tree, but the message on the fake tree does include the words “Happy #DecEve.”


Some online commenters suspected that it was an elaborate work of art—like the large tree that turned up in Manhattan in December.

But one member of the internet community Reddit, on which this fake Christmas tree was posted, wrote to the site’s admins and asked they “get control of this” to prevent it staying up. As the Reddit user told the Reddit admin:

“My husband doesn’t live in Brooklyn, so I did what everyone does: I emailed the City of Brooklyn asking them to get control of this.”

The Reddit user’s account has since been deleted.

The FBI’s “Golden Shower” of ‘Suspicious Activity’ Shows how the Secret Service and its Intelligence Community operate.

As an agent, you don’t do this

“They may take up [the] badge of the agent and wear it on their sleeves, be a gentleman, be a gentleman to people and do what they think is right,” said retired

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