What major do you need to be a life coach? – How To Start A Coaching Program

What major do you need to be a life coach? – How To Start A Coaching Program

Well, you need to think long-term, you need to be a great listener, you need to be passionate and passionate about your career and you need to do it all in the context of your life or life story.

How does coaching relate to the career advice that I talk about on this podcast?

Coaching is great when you’re on the business side of things. You can think about business management, marketing, marketing strategy, sales, sales strategies, sales strategy. You can think about how to build sales teams, how to manage sales teams. You can think about how to do product management, how to do product management, you can think about how to be an evangelist for things that people find difficult, how to make people feel good about themselves and make people feel like they’re part of a team.

When coaching, you try to help people take the easy way out. You can try to help people say, ‘That’s a terrible thing if you know that you can be in the right thing, but you just kind of want to do anything else.’ Or you can come back and say, ‘Hey, you can be in the right thing; don’t let that stop you from going out there and looking for something else.’ For example, you know that you can be involved in the right thing in business, but you think at the end of the day, there are so many things that you can still do. You can still be the most qualified person that I could possibly be, because you can be the best in the world at something.

You never want a coach or a mentor who can tell you how you should be doing something; what’s the right thing? Because you know what you should be doing. But if you know the wrong thing, you’ll say, ‘I just don’t want to do that.’

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