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According to the survey, a life coach is paid for any of the following:

Advice that is given by a living, breathing, talking, walking person

Advice in the form of exercises or other self-help activities

Advice provided over the telephone

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Advice to a person in crisis

Advice offered in a restaurant or other hospitality environment

The salary can be from $10,000 – $28,000 per year.

Is it worth it to have a job as a life coach?

The survey found that 75% believe that having a job as a life coach can greatly improve their quality of life, but a small share (18%) believe it won’t make enough difference to their well-being. Overall, 65% of those interviewed consider themselves to be happy with their financial situation and the quality of their employment, but 16% believe that they are overpaid and are seeking to make more money.

“There’s a huge misconception that life coaches are just a job that you do when you don’t have time to pursue your own career or you have too many children to support,” says the study’s spokesperson.

“These statistics tell us that many people with high-paying jobs still need coaching to improve their life.”

What does the research say about how life coaches are paid?

Life coaches are often paid more than the average U.S. worker. A typical life coach in the South makes $42,900, and most in the Northeast make $36,300. Those in the Midwest do the best at $30,400, but they make only $26,200 per year on average.

When you adjust for the cost of living, living coaches are just as likely to be in poverty (37%) as non-life coaches, and nearly three times more likely to be working in a low-wage and often low-productivity job (20%). (See the full question and answer below.) In 2013, a typical life coach made less than $10 per hour, and more than a third were unemployed.

How do you compare income with income in the working world?

This survey found that life coaches are nearly twice as likely as non-life coaches to say that their salary doesn’t allow them to afford their education and health care expenses, and three times as likely as non-life coaches to say that they don’t have enough money to eat on a regular basis.

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