What is NLP Coaching? – Life Coaching Business Plan Template Free

What is NLP Coaching? – Life Coaching Business Plan Template Free

“Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to a technique which allows people to perform a wide variety of tasks, which can be used to discover, solve, or predict various types of problems and events to facilitate the work of others. It is a skill that people use more in everyday life than it has been traditionally used: the ability to ‘speak mind to mouth’ is an innate ability but often overlooked.

“NLP involves making predictions, and applying different types of mental processes (or ‘nodes’) to different types of situations. In the past, this was considered to be the province of linguistics. To understand this, it is necessary to explain how different tasks are performed by different types of humans. When we are asked to perform a task, there are typically 2 approaches involved: One is to solve the task itself, which is accomplished by using logic and working through the situation. However, people will usually not try to create a logical or systematic solution; instead, they will choose an approach which maximises their chances of success.

“The second approach is to use the approach (or skill) to help others solve the problem before it becomes a problem. In essence, NLP is a skill that can be applied to ‘speak mind to mouth’, whereby people can apply a number of mental methods to help others understand and solve problems they are faced with. NLP provides people with the opportunities to speak to the experts they need, in order to provide insights and help them ‘speak like an expert’.”

Why do we need this?

NLP training ensures that our skills in applying logic and working through situations are both strengthened. This is why some people have the ability to solve problems in less than 30 seconds. However, the best way to learn this skill is through a structured course. For example, someone who has mastered an aspect of logic (say writing a letter to their employer) will be able to read a letter and understand whether or not a person would make the right decision in a specific situation. This takes time, as the individual’s brain needs some time to train itself to effectively process that concept at a deeper level.

“The idea that anyone can learn a new skill like speech could actually be true in many ways, but in many ways it is not. People generally learn to speak naturally. That means that many people have to work hard to develop the capacity to speak mind-to-mouth and use that to answer questions others may ask. At its best, NLP is

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