What is NLP Coaching? – How To Start A Successful Life Coaching Business

What is NLP Coaching? – How To Start A Successful Life Coaching Business

Here are five essential things to remember after taking the NLP certification course at LAS:

1. Do yourself a favour and buy a membership. For $120 USD, your membership entitles you to all the tools, materials and resources that you need to successfully guide you in your NLP coaching journey. It’s a full-time commitment, but it is well worth it.

2. Get your face on an LAS poster. In just under 15 minutes, you will receive all the materials needed in the course; as well as the NLP certification.

3. Be patient. Expect to take a minimum of 3-5 weeks between the completion of your NLP certification and your official NLP coaching certification. It is a good idea to start small in order to work out weaknesses in your skills before you move onto larger objectives.

4. It is crucial that you spend time with your coaching coach in the course. They’ll be helping you with everything from the technical aspects in a practical manner to the deeper foundations of the NLP concepts, as well as providing you with endless learning opportunities and tips and tricks – all in the name of helping your clients progress!

5. Take your time reading, watching and listening to various sessions. You can only really comprehend what you have been taught through the feedback that is given – and no other means of encouragement is necessary when you will be working with your coach 24-7.

And don’t forget that while LAS isn’t a formal certification program and your NLP coach will only teach you how to teach effectively, you will also be able to get more advanced training in the coming years when your LAS credentials have been recognised.

This is the latest in a series on the best coaching content that you’ll find on the LAS website.

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