What Do Life Coaches get paid? – Life Coach Business Plan Sample

What Do Life Coaches get paid? – Life Coach Business Plan Sample

Coaching is a great career that pays great money; it could very well pay well for you. I’d recommend that you read a book and go with the advice given by a Coach. I would not recommend that you find a coach on the internet. I know, you’re going to have many different ideas of what a coach should do, so read a book and go with the advice given if you get it. Don’t get so stuck that, as a Coach, you can’t find an opportunity.

My recommendation is that you find a Coach who has spent some time on the market. Some have already found success, and some are just starting to find Success. If you find a Coach on your own, you have to be patient. It helps to get in front of a Coach who really knows what he’s talking about, for what the work is. I would tell you not to buy your Coach a Rolex or something expensive. I’m all for getting started with a Coach. You have to be patient, and give the Coach time. You’re going to need a Coach for a very long time though, because it isn’t like coaching is a one-time thing.

What do some of my readers think about coaching?

I get a lot of emails from those who love the idea of being coached by a Coach, who don’t know that they want a Coach to do the work for them, and the other thing is they want to know what they don’t want in the Coach. What they don’t want is an inferiority complex and their need for constant validation of their thoughts and ideas. One reader wants to know what he doesn’t want in a Coach. What other things is no one wants in Coach? A good Coach does what is right for you. No matter what is right for you, there is always a need to know the reasons why you want the things you think are right.

Do you think a Coaching job can get you a great income?

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