What can you do with a life coach certification? – Names For Life Coaching Business

What can you do with a life coach certification? – Names For Life Coaching Business

“Your life coaching, when you’re living inside of it, it’s not just what you’re telling yourself to do, it’s who you are.” – Tim Ferriss

Let’s take it one step further. What are your specific coaching objectives and tasks at a specific stage of life, and what should your life coach do with you to help you reach those objectives?

“Let me tell you something…You’re a man of ambition, aren’t you? You want to be a billionaire? Then you shouldn’t be a millionaire. You shouldn’t be a CEO. You should be a businessman and a creator, at the same time. Because at the end of the day, what you’re doing is building a better life for yourself and for the people around you, for your family…” – Steve Jobs

As you can see, life coaches help us build our personal lives, our careers and our ambitions from the inside out. This is exactly what you do with a life coach certification. With the right coaching you have the chance to build the right life, live the life you’ve always wanted and make great things happen. So what are some key strategies and lessons that you, and your life coach can combine?

Take your time, listen to your gut and don’t wait for an email from the perfect coach to pick you up.

The life coach is always there…you just need to know when and where to look.

The difference between your life coach and your best friend or spouse is that they are there to help you… and that may be more useful than you think.

I mean, who would get the time off work and care for their children when the best friend is calling on them every other minute from the living room answering phones, answering emails, and all kinds of personal stuff (including, but not limited to, reading letters and emails that might be coming into your inbox).

In the course of time, we’ll explore what life coaching actually is, why it can make a huge impact on your success, as well as share some very specific tools and strategies that can help you to build the life you want.

So get ready to take control of your life, and it’ll be your own life, now for all to see.

For a guide on what you will be learning today, check out The Essential Guide to Life Coaching for Freelancers and Webcomics.

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