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Your mission is to give people the tools to live happier, more fulfilled lives. So whether you’re coaching someone in training or offering your services to the community, I’d love to hear your story. In the comments, share how you’re applying the life and mental wellness coach philosophy and what you love most about the profession.

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Frequently Asked Questions – What are the rules of the game?

If you are not sure what the rules of the game are for a particular game, you can check the Official Rules of the Game (see below) and follow the rules carefully.

For a general overview, see the What is the game? section.

Are there rules for my personal use?

You can buy a copy of the game in the Game Store. The game is not an official product. The Rules are available from the website, but you can not buy the Rules from the Play Store (unless you purchased them from the Store prior to purchase).

What rules are covered by the game, and how can I use those with my personal game?

In many games there will be various rules, such as the “Rules of The Game” (see the Rules & Guidelines article) to set the tone of the game. Some games also have a “Rulebook”, which describes every rule in the game.

In the Rules / Guidelines section you can find a full list of all rules.
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What kind of rule books are there for the game?

There are no official booklets for the game. There are other booklets on the Internet (see How can I make my own booklets?) and there are also online games (see How to make an Online Rulebook?). Most of these booklets have detailed explanations of the rules. Some books have brief descriptions of a rule, but you can use the Rulebook to learn the rules (see the Rules section).

What is the “Game” in the title?

The “Game” is an amalgam of the words “games” and “game designer”. In most games (and many books, online games etc.) the term designer usually refers to the person who creates the game, but there are sometimes exceptions. For example it could be called an RPG. In games that have a specific purpose, for example a political campaign, an RPG designer can usually be considered the designer of the game. In some cases (i.e. non-political games) the term “game

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