Is udemy accredited? – Life Coaching Business Names

Is udemy accredited? – Life Coaching Business Names

if yes, udemy is a good place to be..i like it a lets you use the same accounts from when u was younger…its awesome..i have a whole bunch of friends from this site…so much stuff there to read about…i think udemy is the best!

1 year ago

I’m going to post a little bit on the story of me wanting to make a full size of the “Big Top” but I need to figure out a way to use the frame that we do as a base so it’s easier to make a full size. Once we find all the dimensions we need to frame we can start on that project.

I made a couple of different designs but I think the design that got the most love was the 3rd one that comes from me and my friend, The Big Nasty. You can always find her at “Big Nasty” on instagram @BigNastyBigTop because she’s a great photographer for any kind of project (big top, tshirt, hats, etc).

I also have a website for the t shirt that I made called

The frame we will be using this weekend is the one that comes in the original box that was included with the “Big Top”! We bought the frame in an “Amazon gift card” package, so no coupon included! I’m not sure where we got this one but it turned out to be a very cheap piece, I could have used my credit card for something like $25 instead of the gift card and it could have saved us a ton of money. I had a friend who does a little metal fabrication to make metal frames in the past and he suggested going with the frame from a package rather than buy it at Amazon. It was really a simple process to do and the frames did a great job protecting me from any damage during shipping. So if you are in the area I would suggest going with the frame from Amazon instead of the one from the gift card company 🙂 Just take the picture you want. You’ll be able to find the frame in the Amazon gift card section for $9.99.

We are just gonna need a few pieces that come on each side of the frame and one side that goes over the top of the frame. As of this weekend we are all done with the frame and it is time to put it back together!

The bottom picture is my work buddy sitting on top of this frame

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