Is Tony Robbins a life coach? – Create A Life Coaching Business Plan

Is Tony Robbins a life coach? – Create A Life Coaching Business Plan

A book about the value of good habits, an inspirational look at his journey to self-discovery

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker, self-help author, and world-famous entrepreneur. He writes and sells his books on a regular basis — the latest to surface being Tony Robbins: Living on the Edge. He’s a motivational speaker and a self-help author — not to mention a successful businessman. Tony’s latest book is Living on the Edge, a life coach’s guide to improving your life on the edge, but to help you discover, explore, and achieve those big life goals.

Tony Robbins also hosts the popular Tony Robbins Show (on iTunes) as well as the hugely popular Tony Robbins TV program.

Today I’ll guide you on a journey through three key elements:

1. Tony’s journey to learn to live in his past:

In the book Tony describes how, as a kid growing up in the 90s, he was introduced to drugs (he was not a “pothead” at the time), and the drugs would become a way of life — and at the age of 11, his life could be completely different if he could find a way to quit using drugs.

He described this experience as a “nightmare”. Instead of just being a kid, he had a life, a job, and friends that he shared. This is how, without really trying, he came to know and embrace his self-discovery and find a new goal each month, and ultimately in the end chose to pursue his own path of happiness, a path that would eventually lead him to becoming the most famous motivational speaker in the world (his own website features over 80 motivational articles, but the book is not only comprised of those articles).

2. Tony’s journey to understand the nature and quality of self-discovery:

Tony’s book describes how, when his life was a mess, he would ask himself what exactly could he have done differently and whether he could have changed his life or even the way it worked for him. It’s a great story about a man learning how to learn from his mistakes and learn to live a more fulfilled, fulfilling life.

3. Tony’s journey to learn and become more successful:

The second part of the book, titled “The Ultimate Guide to Living On the Edge,” gives you an overview of most of this advice and Tony’s own journey to become a bestselling author.

This part

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