Is coaching a good career? – Free Sample Life Coaching Business Plan

Is coaching a good career? – Free Sample Life Coaching Business Plan

Ask any coach on the planet about it.

The most important factor I have come to notice as a coach is:

A healthy respect for the game

To put it another way, I know that a coach will never be satisfied, nor can he, with simply winning games. He also wants to win championships. But his heart is not about just winning. At the end of the day, that is all a coach is, and the results speak for themselves.

For instance, I remember my first job as an offensive assistant as an assistant to Bill Parcells at the Giants. In one practice I saw some guys doing some crazy stuff and I just watched the players’ reactions as they did it, and I had a sinking feeling that there was something wrong with this young man’s game. I don’t just mean that he was out of control, but he wasn’t being coached. He was on his own and doing what he thought was the safest thing to do. It was something I had never seen before. I told my defensive staff immediately, “This guy just doesn’t look like a coach.” He went off the field. As soon as his locker is cleared (my job is to keep him out of the press box, by the way), he goes back in and plays another snap. And then the next week, he does it again, and the next, and the next, and the next, and so on. When you have a coach like Bill who doesn’t listen to advice and makes his plays how he sees fit, that’s a bad sign for a locker room and a team.

A coach’s integrity was my main asset at the University of Miami. In fact, that’s where I first met Chris Reid, who was then the quarterback. During a game where we had to play some very good (and very smart) defensive backs, Coach Reid told me at halftime that he had played with some great players at Duke and that he was going to get us out of this game before we could even realize it. I couldn’t believe what I heard, and I was so impressed that I immediately began training my defensive staff to give all of our players defensive game plans, and I did everything in my power to make my defensive coaches the best defensive coaches we could be.

I believe that all coaches, regardless of the position, have to work with their players on how to handle their responsibilities on the field. That is to say that if there’s a game that needs to be won,

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