Is a life coach worth the money? – Six Figure Coaching Business

Is a life coach worth the money? – Six Figure Coaching Business

How does a life coach become successful? Is it the knowledge that you can get you on your path of greatness, or is it about the relationship and trust people create with them? In our own case, we realized the former, as I’ve mentioned, helped him make his first huge mistake. But, the latter helps a lot of people, many of whom go on to make amazing things in their lives. Life coaches are, without question, the smartest and most educated people we know, because they are able to teach us, but also help shape our perceptions and perceptions of ourselves, too.

Here are just a few quotes from the people he’s mentored:

George Miller:

“I had someone write me like, ‘Do you have an IQ of 150? I’ve told my kids that since you got out of high school I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with you.'” ― Steven Sezna, former personal trainer and motivational speaker.

“Successful people know you don’t need to be smart to be successful, you just have to make the most of what you have. This may be harder for you to believe than for the average person, but that’s exactly what Steve Sezna taught me.” ― Steve Wozniak, co founder of Apple Computer and the founding father of Apple Computer.

Steve Jobs:

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“I had to listen to one of my closest friends, Mark Zuckerberg, once say, ‘If you were a great scientist and teacher, who would you like to be?’ That was me. Then he said, ‘Who would you like for the other person?’ I think I had to make some mental note of this, but I thought, Well, of the ten million people on Earth who could possibly influence my life, I might as well give them more of my time and money.” ― Mark Zuckerberg, founder of online social networking company Facebook.

“My greatest advice would be not to try too hard. Focus on each day as it comes. I don’t try to make it a perfect day. I try to make a great day.” ― Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and author of the upcoming book “The Big Short.”

“I found that it’s the little things that do the real work. I’ll get into a room and tell some great story, and they’ll put it on their website, and people will click on it, and maybe they’ll read it. And then I’ll say, ‘Well

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