How much do spiritual coaches make? – How To Start A Dating Coach Business

How much do spiritual coaches make? – How To Start A Dating Coach Business

$25K in a month? $65K over 6 months? $100K a year? $200K?

There is no real reason for being involved with a particular guru – at least not a spiritual coach. There should be no reason to believe you have anything that would help you make more money than what you can make without that guru. Your spiritual experience should be something you do purely to get help or get out of problems.

If you go to a spiritual coach to “teach me how”, don’t expect him or her to lead you out of the world to come to Jesus the King before dinner one night. That is like asking a mechanic to put your motorcycle on the road. You haven’t gone into any problem. If you do make a mistake in your life, you don’t need a guru to help you with that.

The question isn’t, Do spiritual coaches teach you about how to live your life more holistically. It’s, can spiritual coaches teach you how to live your life more accurately and authentically? You don’t have to believe that spirituality and spirituality helps people to be happier and more fulfilled to believe it – so think about whether there is any reason to believe it. If it really does work, I’d say you have nothing to lose by investing 10,000 dollars or more in a spiritual coach.

But the spiritual coach isn’t a panacea – he is not able to change you. Spiritual coaches can give you a way to feel better. However, if you believe – as many do – that spiritual coaching is the only way you can become more fulfilled, this approach will do little to improve the way you feel or the way you think.

Don’t believe me? Let’s go to the test. Have you been following your spiritual coach for many months and have he or she said anything positive about your life with respect to things like happiness, happiness at work, relationships, money, health, spiritual fulfillment, or other issues? Did the spiritual coach mention these things?


Did he or she express any of those concerns?

Yes or no.

I’m sure there are a lot more things about your life that don’t match up with what the spiritual coach is hoping you will experience – but let’s focus on the positive. Let’s talk about what the spiritual coach promised that you wouldn’t experience with respect to those concerns.

Can spiritual coaches tell you how things you haven’t experienced already – like happiness,

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