How long does it take to be a certified life coach? – Business Name Ideas For Life Coaching

It depends on the job. Some of the best training and work is done as an individual coach from start to finish. For others, the program is developed within a team environment, typically with a co-owner coaching the individual coach and a supervisor or senior executive overseeing the project.

What are the qualifications and experience needed?

The requirements for certification vary from job to job. Certified coaches have special knowledge and skills that go beyond the knowledge and skills that are typical of the average certified coach. To learn more about the training and requirements, go to the “Experience” section of our Website. Once you’ve applied for certification, you’ll have the opportunity to take continuing education courses to help you learn how to teach effectively for the next job you might have.
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What resources are available?

You can access our Online Certification Information Portal by entering your contact information below. Or you can download the PDF version by logging in if your computer is not in the US. Once logged in, you can view your certification status, download the online program guide and get started online. In fact, the only thing you need to complete your online training program is to sign up for email updates whenever there are updates that need your attention. If you’d like to be notified whenever there is a change in our information portal, use our “Contact Us” link above.

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