Can you be an online life coach? – Free Sample Life Coaching Business Plan

Can you be an online life coach? – Free Sample Life Coaching Business Plan

If so, what is it you’ll be doing?

When you set up an online life coach, the most important thing you must consider is that you’re going to be helping a number of people. First comes a group of clients. The majority of people you’ll be working with will be clients looking for a life coach. If you’re able to help one or two of them, great. You’ve given them a service. You’ve done the best you can for them. You can also be the best of your peers and connect with others. There are always people out there who need a life coach but haven’t found one. Finding that person is one of the most difficult parts of the job.

If you think you meet people who need a coach, I would suggest that one day you reach out to their best friend, their parents, or a pastor. You can take advantage of their knowledge or their relationships to get more information as to what the issues are. Ask them questions about the environment and get specific. You want to establish some level of trust in the person. That can take some time and patience.

With the assistance of your network, you may be able to get someone on the phone or Skype. Then if you’re lucky you can put them on a schedule that works for them. It could be anything from one hour to two hours. Try making an appointment first and see if you can work with them. If they don’t have appointments that work for them, they won’t be able to work with you anyway. It is a slow grind, but if they can see it, they will trust it.

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