Why is playing the violin so hard? – Learn Vibrato On Violin Youtube

Why is playing the violin so hard? – Learn Vibrato On Violin Youtube

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I have never had much experience with playing the violin. That’s a different story as I had played piano before and now I’ve played my first guitar. One thing I did find to be very hard was the fingering. The left hand always seemed to be too easy so I got to the point where I couldn’t get it to stick together; it was a horrible feeling! I have found that once I get used to the fingering, the playing becomes much easier, which is why I play it so often!

What does it feel like playing a violin?

A violin sounds much nicer than any other musical instrument – the sounds come out very clearly and the violin can be played without a lot of effort. The violin is also very light so it can be moved around as there are fewer strings! My son plays the violin and I love him to death!

Tell me if there are any specific musicians that have influenced you in your musical career. Any particular artists or songwriters that have influenced you.

I have a list of people who have influenced me in my musical career, and I would not change a thought about one person from my day to day. I was first introduced to The Beatles when I was very young in my mum’s music room but the first musical person I saw was Paul McCartney. It took me many years to see him play live, because the sound coming out of the violin was so amazing, but it was when I was 14 that I first watched him play. As a matter of fact, I was the second person to see him play live!

I found it even more amazing when I saw him play The Beatles for the first time during the Beatle Festival in Japan in 1978. His rendition of “Yesterday” was beyond perfect! It’s a true piece of genius! Paul McCartney is such a nice man and he always does what’s right for the artists and the music and I’ve learned a lot from him.

The Beatles were a big influence on me as I’m the youngest of five children and Paul’s dad played keyboard. Paul had so much fun playing live and playing with the big bands as he’s played with them now for 30 years!

Do you have any hobbies outside of music, apart from playing the violin?

I’m quite a nature photographer. I’ve also taken some fantastic pictures of birds flying around the gardens at Somerset House and I also like to go on bird watching.

What do you do when not playing the violin

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