Why are violins more expensive than pianos? – Myongaku

Why are violins more expensive than pianos? – Myongaku

In part, that’s because piano makers don’t tend to make the instrument as expensive to manufacture (like they did with pianos). In part, it’s because violins make music by playing notes. You can’t just pick up, pick up, pick up a bass, put it across the room, and say “that’s a great bass.” It’s a musical instrument, and musicians need a way to hear that instrument. Playing with a violin is like playing a different instrument, and that’s what makes the music so special. So violins are more expensive, but then there’s the fact that they require more practice to master before being considered for an appropriate home. This is something that should be addressed by violinists who have the skill and experience needed to master the violin.

What do people usually say if an amateur musician tells them they’re great?

They’ll be surprised by what they hear. There’s a lot of confusion, and often people get their confidence crushed in a couple of years with their amateur status, and it takes a while to sort that out again. They’ll hear the words “You’re great!” and you’ll be amazed by the confidence. But people who hear themselves on stage have that same feeling, that same level. I’m pretty sure any professional musician would tell you that they’re great after every great performance. For me, the level is different, it’s in my own hands, and the way that you do things on a daily basis, you’re already great. You can see your practice on a daily basis. But when you hear it in person, you can’t see it in your head, you can’t see your play, you can’t see your eyes. So at first it’s pretty intimidating, but after a while you become an expert in your own hands.

What I did for my first few years of studying classical music was take a class in a private school when I could get one. I’ve always admired how a private school teacher teaches, and then you can really see what he or she is trying to convey. At a private school, you’ll also know what your teacher is trying to achieve, and you’ll be challenged at every opportunity.

What do you listen to when you’re playing?

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A lot of things. Right now I’m listening to a lot of music because it’s been my passion for a while. My favorite is Haydn. But I listen to the same music every night. I listen to classical music from all

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