Why are violins more expensive than pianos? – Learning Violin Music Notes

Why are violins more expensive than pianos? – Learning Violin Music Notes

One reason is that violins are more likely to be of the small-bodied family, which requires more wood and can be made more cheaply. A new instrument usually has to be designed and made with a larger range of costs in mind, and to that extent it is more expensive than a piano with lower numbers.

Another reason is that because we have different senses, we use different parts of the body to move our organs through space. In most orchestras, the basses move through space at a different speed (they are smaller) than the tenors; the percussionists move in different ways from the other instruments; and so on. These differences can make it more expensive to build a piano and therefore more costly to manufacture one.

Can I build a piano and sell it?

Because violins are made to order and usually are not finished before being shipped, they are most likely to be sold out within a few months of order. Violins should then be considered as individual works of art rather than merely pieces of furniture for use in concert halls or theatres. Violins are intended to be unique and will therefore vary greatly in their construction and finish in each production.

Who should I contact if I have problems with my instrument?

Because violins, as with most instruments, are fragile, should you have any problems with your instrument, we recommend contacting our Customer Service Department. They work long hours and have extensive experience in the world of violins and classical music. They can advise you and assist you with the purchase of new instruments or help arrange exchanges between instruments from different companies.

How can I tell if my instrument is old and I want a new one?

If your instrument is of a vintage, you will typically find its original serial number scratched or worn off. You may also find the name of the manufacturer engraved into the wood of the mouthpiece. You can request one of our “Guaranteed to be a Fairer Violin” certificates to check if your instrument is still in good condition.

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