Which violin is best for beginners? – Violin Lessons

Which violin is best for beginners? – Violin Lessons

We have a few suggestions as well.

For those who only know how to play the standard violin, we recommend the Niviera. Also known in North America as the “Barracuda”, this beautiful, modern instrument has an incredibly smooth tone.

It has a comfortable neck with a solid wood-finish, making it a suitable partner for the guitar. We have a Niviera Deluxe, a deluxe model with a nice rosewood fingerboard, and a Niviera Standard, a more affordable but still nice sounding option.

When it comes to the beginner-friendly Stradivarius, we recommend the Stradello. This violin has a wide array of colours and finishes including satin, ebony, cherry and other options. A wide selection of strings available, as well.

Are you a beginner? The beginner violin is a great way to get started. There is a large selection of strings available including the popular string sets, the Stradivarius, and the Stradivarius Classic.

Do you prefer a more casual instrument or one that is more for performances on a regular basis? With the Stradivarius it is easy to pair the bass sound with the violin sound. And the Stradivarius Classic is our choice for that purpose.

For those who play music all the time, there are many options for all levels of music playing, from traditional concert to modern repertoire. In addition, there are special offers on special instruments specific to each year for every musician!

We hope you enjoy checking out this selection of instruments. To ensure that we’re fulfilling your enquiries as rapidly as possible, we only ship orders over the following parameters.

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