Which is easier to play violin or viola? – Learn Violin For Adult Beginners

Which is easier to play violin or viola? – Learn Violin For Adult Beginners

I wouldn’t know.

You don’t have to pick any, the only thing you have to worry about is how many instruments you have.

I want to play all the instruments. Not one.

No one is going to go to the show with a bass instrument.

That’s not true, it could happen, but right now we’d say, ‘Hey, you’re the bass player in the band. We need a bass player.’

No, it makes more sense if you put all the instruments back in the box and start again. (Laughter.)

Have you ever thought about doing stand-up comedy?

At different points, but I don’t know.

When did you decide to take this solo route, and when did you become a soloist?

I was the oldest kid in grade school when I started performing.

I did stand-up, I wrote songs in middle school to help my mom raise money for my school. I had a great time doing it. The problem was, nobody wanted to read it because it was just about music. They only wanted to hear the jokes, so I had to do it as a side job.

I did a couple of shows, I had a lot of friends and nobody liked it, but I didn’t really care. I just did it for the laughs.

My father got me a recording that he liked. I used to sit right behind him in my parent’s room and tell him jokes. He loved it. I knew I had been playing piano and piano parts, but when I heard this recording, I was like, ‘Dude, I’m going to be a professional.’ I put my records on the wall and asked him what to play. He took me upstairs to a piano in my parent’s room with no music. I was like, ‘Dad, I hate this game.’ He was like, ‘No, kid. You play my piano, I’ll play your music.’ It got me to where I was playing on my own in my parent’s room. But I never knew what I was doing.

You started writing your own songs. Do you have a favorite right now?

That’s a tough question. I don’t know. I’m just trying to relax now that everything is settled down. It’s really hard when you’re working so hard, but I never really focused too hard. You know, I did all the time.

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