What violins do professionals use? – Play Virtual Violin Online Free

What violins do professionals use? – Play Virtual Violin Online Free

Why are they expensive?

The main reason why a violin is expensive is that the materials that make up a violin (the wood, the binding, the wood and the brass) are costly to mass produce.

But not all violins are made using the same material. Many manufacturers use different types – some are cheaper to produce than others. The cost of these materials depends on many factors.

Different kinds of wood are used in different violins

Different species of wood are used for different kinds of violins. The wood for a violin is called as wood type and is categorized based on five main attributes.


Most commonly used wood for violin strings. The highest grade is Type 1 wood. It is very soft and it has very little bite. This type should be used for the most delicate strings (e.g., violas, cellos).


Type 2 is a softer and a bit more durable than Type 1. It contains more saponin, making it more resistant and less vulnerable to stress. It is typically used for lighter strings and violas with very limited articulations.


Type 3 is a very similar wood to Type 2. It is softer and less durable but it is harder and more resistant to stress. When looking for a violin, it is advised to look for a viola with Type 3 wood instead of Type 1.


Type 4 is the most expensive wood type used in violins so it is used mostly by violin makers. It is usually chosen for small violas or violas which need a very large string, as it offers the least cost per ounce. It is usually the most durable choice.


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Type 5 wood is used exclusively for the most expensive, expensive and extremely rare violins making them of much higher quality than Type 2. It is highly elastic – allowing the violin to be played for longer and with more control. This is the wood which is most commonly used in high-end guitars and guitars with complex fingerings. Type 5 wood is not used in most other instruments.

If a violin isn’t made using a certain wood, they can be much cheaper, but they will sound much lower quality.

How can wood materials be used to make violins?

Wood can be used in numerous ways in making violins. They can be used to make decorative pieces (as seen in “Viola Sashes”), as ornamentation on

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