What is the easiest instrument to teach yourself? – Violin Notes For Happy Birthday Song

What is the easiest instrument to teach yourself? – Violin Notes For Happy Birthday Song

There is a lot of literature, but it’s really just about getting your own style down. It’s about being your own coach.

What tools does your piano teacher use?

I have several. We work on different instruments together on a lot of different days.

How often do you practice during a regular week? What is a typical practice day consist of?

It depends on the time of the week, but we usually start to get down to practicing after our shift ends.

What are some of your favourite works by modern composers?

There’s a lot of great new music coming out.

What’s one piece from contemporary music that you like the most?

Probably Czeslaw Milosz.

How many days a week do you play? What are your expectations from a week of practicing?

I do about five days a week; at the end of each of them I’ll sit down and listen to the piano piece that I didn’t perform and decide what I want to do next.

Have you enjoyed doing this kind of music before?

I think so.

Is it hard to keep up with, or do you enjoy working on your own?

Not at all. I don’t really have a lot of free time, so it’s fun to take it slow and work in small chunks.

Do you see any of your work as “art”?


Do you have a favourite score to perform or perform at a concert?

Some really cool scores of people who don’t play piano at all, like David Bowie.

What’s one piece you always look forward to when performing?

I always try to write more music for people when they’re having a hard time getting to sleep, when they look tired.

What would you like to see more of from your school?

We do a lot of workshops for young pianists. I think there’s a lot of really bright guys. I hope people will see through the BS, and think of those who are out there trying to go a little bit further.

A special mention to John McCrae, the teacher who teaches you.

You can catch him practicing or teaching online, here.

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