Should I learn flute or violin? – Learn Piano For Kids Youtube 1-20 Numbers

Should I learn flute or violin? – Learn Piano For Kids Youtube 1-20 Numbers

You should learn the flute and the violin if you are interested in playing a certain instrument, but not that you really want to become a classical musician.

The majority of people who play flutes don’t have much interest in going on to perform in a major festival or concert tour.

They will probably stick to piano and have a good career as a teacher.

The majority of people who learn violin don’t stick to learning to perform in a major, well-known concert tour.

They will probably stick to learning to play their instrument in their home studio.

They will be successful musicians, but they will have a very limited number of opportunities to perform around the world.

So don’t focus on violin or flute.

Learn something else instead, and play the instrument you actually want to play, and at the highest level possible.

That’s what a classical musician does.

How do I become great at one instrument and good at something else?
Violin Fingering — The Violin

If you focus on only one instrument well in advance of learning the others, you won’t learn very well in any specific area.

So it’s best to focus on one well and use your knowledge and experience of that well to gain an advantage in any area you’ll pursue later on.

You don’t have to have a high ability in any one area of violin, for instance, if you focus on your ability to play all the passages in the entire book. You’ll still get the benefit of the entire book.

In other words, if you only have an ability to play the first or very last few chords in “The Wizard of Oz” in classical music, you will get less out of that book than if you spend more time learning that book and playing it as a classical musician.

Another example is pianoforte.

If you focus on learning three or four pianofortes, you will be far less apt to get good at any of the other positions on the piano. You will only be able to play simple variations which don’t apply to other positions on your instrument.

You will likely be better at playing a simple bass line in one place than you will be in learning all the positions on the piano.

If you focus on learning all the basic positions as a regular classical musician, you will always be better at learning other positions.

A good example of this is arpeggiation, as it allows you to play

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