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Yes, the violin is more difficult to understand, and more difficult to play than the piano. But, the most difficult instrument to play is the violin. For these reasons, the violin is not included in the Piano Challenge.

So, you can play the piano, the violin, and the harmonica, and the only thing you can’t play is the piano?

Yes! As a rule of thumb, the more times an instrument has been played, and the better the instrument became, the harder it is to reproduce!

It seems like the piano has no trouble at all with memorization?

For some reason, the piano is actually easier than many other instruments; some people even claim that it does not require any thinking at all. The piano is simply a difficult instrument.

How hard is it to memorize a piece of music, and do you consider yourself an amazing musician?

It is absolutely no problem at all to learn a piece of music, no matter which instrument is played. I’m actually surprised that I have played a piano this past year and I’ve had no problem with memorization (only to have been told the song is “not worth learning”).

I know you like to play guitar, but are you able to play many different types of music?

I consider myself very talented in guitar, especially in improvisation. As long as I play the right songs, however, it does not matter to me if I play classical guitar or blues or bluegrass.

The only thing that matters when it comes to memorizing songs is the ability to say the words in the correct sequence.

Do you like to make music videos? How do you find time to do them?

When I’m not doing any work, I like to make music videos that are different than what is actually the best songs. Even though it is not quite true that no one knows an old song better than me and everyone else does at least one song, people tend to forget songs that they have never heard before. I am quite the video artist these days, and I do produce quite a few videos.

What does your work look like?
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First, I usually make a list of about 10 to 15 songs. It can be a small list, or a list that only has one song by the name, because I find it much easier to write something that goes with my songs rather than just copy and paste. A little bit of memory and creativity is

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