Is Viola easier than violin? – Mastering The Violin

Is Viola easier than violin? – Mastering The Violin

You’re right – Viola’s more challenging than violin.
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However, we must be careful not to judge Viola and Viola alone.

If you look at the range of violins, and you can hear a range from viola to bassoon, we are talking about a wide range of challenges to be overcome. One of the problems I had was in the beginning I did not really know where is where to place violin.

When I was playing viola, the first couple of times I was playing to myself I think I was playing it to the right but for reasons I cannot remember I didn’t feel quite right.

On many occasions after playing in front of other players, I would think ‘Oh, maybe something is wrong here’.

As a result of this, I’d move between places in a line and try to position. This resulted in me losing interest and becoming lost when playing and in front of players.

Then when my sister started playing viola, I was not sure where to play so I’d do something like this to the right.

Then I realized it was more challenging to play than violin and I was determined to move from there.

However, I had to do away with violin in order to try new things: the violin becomes more challenging once you move from a more traditional position, where one finger of the left hand is moving straight ahead, to the right where you really need to get the left hand moving.

This is the same for many stringed instruments which move out of two points (i.e. violin) to where one string of the left hand moves with the other finger of the right hand.

For these reasons many stringed instruments play around using two parts of the player’s hand – the pinky and the index finger.

So in a certain way, you are more challenged playing viola or violin and in a different way playing viola or violin might be more difficult than violin.

In your own studies do you keep your violin, viola or viola concerto?

Yes, I keep at least one other violin, viola or viola concerto in my house: I have a violin, viola or violin concerto that’s the house version of violas that I use.

I also have a violin, viola or violin concerto that’s my own, and the other two are my viola violas.

I have a few viol

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