Is the violin the hardest instrument to learn? – Can I Learn Violin At 20

Is the violin the hardest instrument to learn? – Can I Learn Violin At 20

“I think the hardest thing is getting the right combination of skill and concentration. I play very slow, and that takes a lot of discipline, but my technique is very accurate, and it makes it a lot easier to learn.”

How many concerts have you done, and how many have you played?

“I’ve only played at the festival about twenty times. Most of them are acoustic. It all depends on what I’m trying to play, but you might find people who would be more comfortable playing a concerto.”

What would you say when people say to you “you are an icon”?

“I guess it depends on what you are in your heart for, then. My whole childhood, I was an icon to many. When I was a little boy, if someone touched my wrist and told me that I was an icon – but of course that was before anyone had ever heard anything of my music – and they had not heard me play anything, I guess everyone felt that way.”

Do you think you could ever play the same concerto for more than one generation of people in the same place?

“I hope so, yes. I think my career was always going to be different from most people, it’s always been different. After all, it hasn’t been the same to me for 30 years. I like being different and I like a bit of experimentation. I really enjoy the challenge in my work.”

Do you think you would perform in North America or Europe?

“I’ve thought about it a lot already. Maybe for a couple of concerts I would like to see what the reactions are and also learn something new, but maybe not. You only have to listen to the audience for a couple of minutes to know which way they’re going to go. As much as I admire the people who enjoy this kind of art, I think that they wouldn’t be there if I were doing something different. The important thing is that I try to play the music in a way that people who like music like and trust me know their stuff, the same way they understand the art of music. I do have a bit of a problem with people saying that I don’t know my stuff and I’m playing the music of somebody else.”

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What was your biggest fear as an artist as a young person?

“To be able to play the music I enjoy.”

How has playing your concerts helped you find your creative voice?


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