How often should you have music lessons? – Easy Violin Sheet Music A Million Dreams

How often should you have music lessons? – Easy Violin Sheet Music A Million Dreams

Some music lessons can go for as long as ten years, and when I am ready, I can be teaching anywhere from 10 months up to 12 months. I think most kids need these types of lessons because, even though they are going to enjoy music, they don’t want to listen to it to stay in tune or get into the rhythm.

Some younger kids will benefit from a smaller lesson schedule, such as a one to one or group experience. These students really benefit from that opportunity and can enjoy themselves while in the same room as the music teacher.

If the music player is there for music lessons in the morning, then my suggestion is for the child to have music lessons. Then, for the rest of the time, the child can learn by themselves with no distractions. When the music is finished, they can listen to the music again without worrying about any distractions. That is the magic of music lessons with no distractions.
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Music lessons do NOT have to be long, however. As long as the music is enjoyable, the child will benefit. In fact, most kids will benefit from music lessons over a short period of time.

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