How much should I spend on my first violin? – Learn Violin Online Free

How much should I spend on my first violin? – Learn Violin Online Free

If you’re not satisfied with the purchase of your first violin – even if you like the looks and feel of it – there are many ways to pay for your instrument.

You could:

-Pay for all costs by a credit card on top of your savings allowance

-Pay for the instrument, including everything except any purchases, by an upfront payment or by direct debit on a bank account

-Pay a deposit in advance to ensure your instrument will be delivered to your door

-Settle for one of more than two violin manufacturers with different specifications and brands, often with slightly different prices, or pay a deposit and/or a one-off payment

-Pay a deposit to secure your instrument.

-Have the instrument custom-built

What about my payment terms?

Our payment terms are simple. After you pay, you don’t pay until your instrument is delivered.

What do I do if the instrument doesn’t arrive?

First, make sure your instrument hasn’t been damaged. Make copies of the manufacturer’s shipping label, as well as a letter to send to the shop about the problem. We also recommend getting a free, online repair service, including information on repairing your instrument in our stores.

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