How much does a Stradivarius violin cost? – Learn To Play The Violin Online

How much does a Stradivarius violin cost? – Learn To Play The Violin Online

The price is $100,000,000. But can a human violin player compare to a violin built this time around?

Sothebys estimates that the value at that price would be about $3,000,000 to $3.2 million.

What do they call it?

A Stradivarius violin is named for its composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Which is more rare?

The earliest examples of Strads were made in 1837, but the most prestigious maker of Strads were made in 1844.

Is each Stradivarius different?

Unlike their contemporaries, they are made of wood (although some of these instruments appear to be made of cast iron).

Will you buy one?

A Stradivarius violin may appeal to the collector, as well as the one day he or she could spend with it.

The original pieces have all been lost or destroyed over the centuries, and the most recent production of a Stradivarius has a value only around $250,000.

Will I ever own one of these instruments?

You definitely won’t, unless you’re a Mozart or Mozart scholar, and even then, it may not be worth the cost you’d have to spend to acquire one — $250,000 or less. And even then, you may not really enjoy the music. But if you have the means to acquire one, it’s a lot more fun then that.

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