How do I make my violin less scratchy? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Notes Worksheet For Kids

How do I make my violin less scratchy? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Notes Worksheet For Kids

A soft-touch, anti-slip surface (as opposed to leather or metal) gives the violin a more comfortable surface to play on. Here are a couple of simple suggestions:

Apply a light coat of lacquer to the surface after a rain or thunderstorm.

Put the instrument in a dry, cool place (a garage, garage/basement) and place a piece of rubber on the outside of the body. You want to create a vacuum. You can do this by using a piece of rubber a couple inches down from the violin.

Have the violin sit on a work bench with a piece of scrap-wood near it. This creates an ideal “deadspace.”

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Why is my violin “stolen”? It might be that someone has used your instrument to play a string of a commercial tune or to copy the sound of another violin. You can also find out that someone has used your instrument in public, which doesn’t give you much satisfaction.

How can I replace an instrument that has been stolen? The first step is to report a stolen instrument. Make sure that this person/group is reported as a thief! Then call 911 and let them respond to the theft immediately. You’ll need a description of the person/group that took the property. Also, keep a photo of their photo ID or ID card!

Which violin manufacturer will do repairs for me? A good question, especially if your instrument isn’t being used for something that will make it worth less than $2000 and it’s been stolen. It would help if you have some good idea of the original value of the instrument to begin with.

Why do I have an incorrect or missing serial number on my instrument? You may have received a damaged or lost serial number. Sometimes, the serial number cannot be located without some sleuthing!

How long does it take to get my violin repaired if I buy used, not new? The answer to this is complicated, involving an extensive investigation to see if the instrument was stolen or damaged in any other way. Once found and fixed, you will have a new violin or an instrument worth much more than the cost of repairing the original. There are always exceptions, so please look at this website before purchasing and checking the serial number with this vendor. If you’ve checked and found the instrument is damaged or stolen, I suggest sending it to another vendor with a similar model. But if you can figure out a seller with a similar model, you may be able to

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