How do I buy my first violin? – Violin Practice Online

How do I buy my first violin? – Violin Practice Online

We’ve done our research, and here are the best companies to buy your first bow:

Fender – We bought our first violin three years ago. We can’t explain why, but we really like Fender guitars. They are all over the place, and they are built to last.

Neumann U67 – The best violin out there at the moment. A great player’s instrument, and they have lots of instruments.

Luthier’s Choice – All these companies have great warranties, and you can even get your bow warranty. Check out their website to see how they work: www.luthier’

Musician’s Friend (for the beginner/intermediate player) – All guitars on their website are super affordable. They have a huge selection of instruments, including the Stradivarius and the Baroque.

We also love the idea of picking up your first violin from a string-art instructor. We use the services of a great string artist, Mark, that’s just like you and I. He has experience in string-art (as a violist, composer), and is also a great teacher. Check out his website to see where to find him:

What do I need to know about getting up to speed with violin and bow skills?

Before you buy a violin, take your time and learn the following tips.

How to play the violin

Fingerprinting for violin

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What instruments can I do with the violin?

Can I use the violin as a “one-off” instrument?

I’m considering buying a violin and am thinking about going to India to learn from a master. Can I play any part of the concerto?

Is a violin worth the money?

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