Does a violin get better with age? – Learn Violin Online Free

Does a violin get better with age? – Learn Violin Online Free

I think the answer to that is yes, it gets better with age. But the fact that I still enjoy practicing violin is still kind of like: Wow, I never realized how good a violin can be, I have never experienced a good violin performance, but I just got to be in the club with these guys, it’s awesome! I had this feeling that it wasn’t the guitar, but instead the violin, but I was not too sure, not that I’m a violin prodigy, but the idea that the violin can be good enough to have a good performance, is still something that I think has to be kept in mind and that’s the biggest thing.
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As a guitarist, I have always been interested in playing live, and I can tell you the feeling I try to create is a guitar that I haven’t been able to play as much before. I try something new, I play something that I haven’t played before, and it’s a good feeling to do that.

You recently released a solo CD called The Complete Soundtrack. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians, or people just in general?

Well, what I can tell you is don’t just start out playing the guitar and just do a live album and I can tell you what kind of advice I would give is, don’t put all your effort into just playing live, and try to develop yourself so that when all these things are going on, you can focus on practicing your own music and be able for it to really stand out. Because this is what I did. The first record, I was just doing it in my basement and working on a lot of shit, and it took a long time to put together, so it probably didn’t seem that way at the time, but the quality on the record was definitely a lot better than the first record was, and it was a lot of fun. I just wanted to put something together that I knew I could use for an album later on. I still have to go into my studio to work on some more stuff, that’s the thing I’m always thinking about, is how to make this music stand out and do things that I never would have really thought of doing.

Are there any special places that you have toured or performed? Any particular landmarks that you like?

Actually, I used to be a professional standup comedian with this really funny show called “The Looniverse,” and the thing that was really interesting was, we could go into

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