Do violins increase in value? – Violin Notes For Beginners Songs

Do violins increase in value? – Violin Notes For Beginners Songs

The answer is yes, violins are more valuable. Here is a table of violins in the $50 to $100 range.

Price of Violin $50 to $100 Violin Class B A+ Class C C+ C- $400 GV- $300

Now consider this table for violins over $1,000 per set.

(C) = Violoncelli A A+ GV- $2,250 GV- $1,500 GV- $2,350

To some degree this price range reflects high production value vs. low mass production. But in many cases (B+) violins have much better tone because of their higher tonal qualities.

For instance, a viola will be much richer in tone because of its greater tonal quality, while a violin will have a much more limited tonal quality because of the lower volume. Violins are made from a wide range of materials but the quality of the overall material does play a part in the tone.

Is a Violin worth more than a Viola, or a Viola worth less than a Violin?

At $2,350 a viola can be bought. At that quantity, the potential profit increases.

Of course, the price of all types of instruments is variable and can be influenced by a variety of factors. This is why a high bid is required when purchasing a viola or violin. If you buy in a lower price range, the value will increase over time. If you buy in the high price range, expect to pay a premium.

When considering a purchase, always ask yourself: Is the violin worth more than the cost of parts and the necessary tools to play it? If so, it is more important to make it part of your musical identity.

Why are the market prices higher on violins?

There is actually a simple explanation. A high number of violins can lead to more buyers, resulting in more sales, and a higher number of people buying violins, more often and to a greater extent.

A $400 viola and a $500 viola are still quite different from each other. A $400 viola could be a small, light instrument as it has been used very little.

A $500 viola will likely remain in a small room with limited range. But the low cost of the $500 makes this price a fair one to consider.


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