Do violins hold their value? – How To Learn Cello Notes Quiz

Do violins hold their value? – How To Learn Cello Notes Quiz

I had only an average quality violina, which was too narrow for me to try to use in performance. So, my dream was to collect a large number of violins and see if I could be very good with it.

But this dream was ruined thanks to my parents and my teacher.

It was my fault; I was not strong enough to be a violinist, nor was I talented enough to play a violin. I was only a child. My teacher and my parents used to say: “When you are older, you will make violin playing your passion; when you become old, you will take away your violin.”

The violin was never in my plans!

I studied music for five years. I used to spend all my free time with music, and I loved music and became the most professional violinist I know. I was a very good student.

I had no problem with learning music theory or conducting. I just did violin lessons whenever I had free time.

But I did not study music theory well.

I had no clue what I was trying to do and this was very upsetting to me. I got really frustrated. I did not see music and my teacher did not look after me. I became very depressed.

I did not learn a single note from music theory; every note played looked to be a mistake. At the beginning I played as if I had just picked up a violin.

I thought I was a very bad violinist. My teacher used to ask me when I would play a violin concerto, which was an instrument that everyone knew, especially the students. I would answer that the violin was not the best instrument for it because it had not been studied very long. I did not want to have to play a concerto to prove something to the violin teachers. I was disappointed.

This was all because of my lack of musical training. Because violinists usually study music theory and conduct before performing for the first time.

After some time, I had learnt enough theory. I could not sing, but when played, I could play piano very well. I did not find it difficult to sing. The teacher told me, “You must learn to play a whole concerto for violin to be able to sing.”

After getting used to playing concerts, the first one that I did for the first time was Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.3.

I played for over an hour and a

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